Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Remember Moments

When I first started working on this printable today, it had a different meaning. On Facebook a friend of mine mentioned her unhappiness with her pregnant size. I immediately wanted to comment something to effect of that she should enjoy it because as soon as the baby was born, she would miss the feeling. But then I remembered how I would have felt if someone had told me that during any of my pregnancies.

Before I had kids I cried inside each time I saw a pregnant woman. I desperately wanted to have a baby. I wanted to have that baby bump. I wanted to feel the secret kicks and have inexplicable cravings in the middle of the night. It took me years to get pregnant with Isabelle. I remember the feeling of elation as soon as I saw that pink plus sign. And then the pregnancy got complicated. Honestly, the reality of my pregnancies were not easy. I was always very sick, on daily injections for blood clotting issues, and felt guilty about not loving my pregnancy. But, if you asked me how I remember my pregnancies I would tell you about how both girls kicked like crazy when they heard Thomas talk, about my deep love for hot & sour soup, and the maternity clothes I sewed. We remember moments.

The first quote I typed was, "Real Women Have Curves". The point being that having a round pregnant belly is a beautiful expression of being a woman. It took me about a second to look at my graphic and recoil. I instantly remembered the pangs of infertility and my pregnancy loss before Juliette. No, being a "real" woman was more than carrying a child. And so I searched for something else.

As I pondered what would be an appropriate quote and I found this "moments" one, I was still a bit tender from remembering my pregnancy loss almost 2 years ago. And it occurred to me that even though I suffered a loss, I still have that moment when I first found out I was pregnant. I was in my brother's home in Tucson. I was ecstatic. I was over the moon. I called Thomas at work to tell him Isabelle was going to be a big sister. And it didn't work out, but I still have those moments in my heart.

I hope this printable touches you.
Whether it's remembering
the amazing pregnancy journey you're on,
the hard fought pregnancy you had,
the tearful one you loss,
or the one you never had.

We remember moments..
We remember moments..

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Kathy said...

So well written. *smile*


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