Sunday, January 2, 2011

Electronic Cutters

There are so many electronic cutters on the market these days,
it's amazing that home crafters now have this technology at their fingertips.
About 2 years ago I bought both a Silhouette and a Pazzle.
I ended up selling the Silhouette without trying it once.
I did use the Pazzle for awhile when I had my Etsy bakery store open;
I cut personalized cupcake wrappers and more.

However, now with 2 little ones I am more frustrated with the Pazzle
and wished I had bought the Silhouette.
Although the Pazzle has more power, Silhouette offers a ton of
ready to use really cute, trendy images that you can purchase.
Granted with my Pazzle and Adobe software,
I could create my own images.. my daughters do not allow time for this.

Soo.. what is a girl to do??
I've been saving all my Amazon money and have been planning on buying
a Silhouette..again.
However this morning I considered since anyone can purchase Silhouette images..
What if I could convert the Silhouette files to a Pazzle file?
I could save my $200 on Amazon, have access to super cute images,
and keep my power of the Pazzle..

It's a great idea..
It is my goal this week to tackle this endeavor!
I will let you know how it turns out..

1 comment:

fyreflye said...

Came across your blog from the CSI project and was browsing around and happened on this post.... I happen to know the owner/manager of Pazzles, he's my husbands best friend! How funny! I'm still wishing for one of these incredible cutters myself. I thought I'd pass along some hopefully helpful info... Pazzles has an image library with free images and they also have a subscription service for many many more images. Check it out.
Here is a link to their subscription service if your interested...
I'm sure the customer service at Pazzles would be able to give you some tips for making other images such as the silhouette images work. I'm totally jealous,I would love to get one, its on my list :) Good luck!


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