Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winner of WOW #1 - Details for WOW #2

I loved the entries!
But there were only 2..
How do you choose one?
I loved both for different reasons - so Ebony and Kathleen, you both win!
Email me with the details on your custom pom pom hat!

I love this because when I came up with the mystery items,
what I had in mind is a magnet that my toddler could scurry off with,
but I wouldn't have to worry about her swallowing.
This is perfect!
Even if you don't have a button machine (big surprise I
there are a number of DIY button kits on the market that you could use.
What a fun way to use those last bits of fun yarn!

Love,love,love this!
I will be making it this coming weekend!!
In our home, we have a piece of paper taped on the dishwasher when it's clean.
Go check out her awesome tutorial!!

And here is my entry:
Who Who Loves You Baby?
Love this owl applique and I thought it would be a fun magnet
to hold my toddler's artwork from preschool.
Seriously, it measures close to 6 inches..
What to do?

And the details for WOW Week 2:
The Etsy merchandising desk says they are still in for 2011..
So come on, this week get your Tom Selleck on..
It can be a photo, quilt, card, etc..
If it's crafty and stylin' some facial hair,
enter it here..
You have till next Tuesday at midnight (MTN)

The prize: 2 fat quarters from
Michael Miller Cotillion
...yummy, glittery goodness...

**We need to at least 5 entries**
So, email your crafty buddies and have them join WOW!!


Kathleen said...

WOW! Thanks Jennifer! You owl is so cute... I love the colors.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks Kathleen!
I can't believe how large the owl came out. I guess I could back and do it thread, but oy vey.. I'm not a huge fan of doing anything with a crochet hook smaller than K.

Kathleen said...

My project is finished and posted...
Thanks for the challenge!

Kathy said...

Okay. Here it is. I've been wanting to make a felt toy for Sophie and decided to make a Mr Felt Face. =D Eventually, there will be more pieces.


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