Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Iron Craft #2

For Iron Craft #2,
our challenge was to create a draft dodger.
Ah, serendipity at its best!

The hubby has been asking for awhile now, for me to make one for our
eldest daughters' room.
Miss Isabelle likes to peek out of from
the bottom of her bedroom door to see
if there is any light on in the house. And if there is, it's
Needless to say we have had a rolled up towel
in front of her door for months now.

I was very excited about doing the project,
but perplexed as to how Isabelle and I could compromise on design.
At almost 3, she has very strong ideas
.... on everything.
I wanted it to be something she would embrace and not have a tantrum over,
but I really did not want to make a cartoon draft dodger.

In the end I went with a rainbow candy patchwork design.
She LOVES all the colors and spends some part of the
day looming over it, yelling loudly every color she sees.
In fact I was in quite a bit of trouble with her for
borrowing the draft dodger for the photo session in a better lit room.

I love it and it took less than 30 minutes!
And I also love not hearing my sweet Angel's voice till about 7am..

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