Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot Coffee, Mississippi

For this week's Project Quilting,
we were tasked to be inspired by a city's name.
It was not supposed to be based on what
you knew of the city (ie. the Eiffel Tower in Paris),
rather the name itself was supposed to invoke an image.
After Googling "funny city names" and blushing over
some poor taste names, I decided on Hot Coffee, Mississippi.

I knew immediately that I wanted to do a quilted collage
of an ode to my favorite brew pub - Starbuck's.
Say what you will about the chain
(in my old home of Queen Creek, AZ there were 3 in a lie!)
there have been many mornings that my sanity
was saved by their candyified coffee.

My quilt is modest - it was another one done in nap.
I was excited to have another excuse to
some free motion embroidery.
Starbuck's, how I do quilt thee..

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