Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project Quilting 2011

As much as I love to sew and quilt,
I will never apply to be on "Project Runway".
I truly have NO desire to be on TV whatsoever.

However, I love, love, love "Project Quilting"!
It is the brainchild of Kim's Crafty Apple.
Each week we have a new challenge
(oh, and we all know how I love a crafty challenge!)
If you have any interest in quilting at all,
I heartily encourage you to join.
It will be a great way to move you to quilt each week.
You'll start to truly "think outside the square".

For this challenge we were limited to the 3 primary colors,
each one had to be at least 6" square, and cut in no more than 4 pieces.

I was stuck on the idea that the primary colors are the "code" for all colors.
That got me thinking to color recipes.
I quilted with the idea that this was a code or recipe
for a certain final color; that each applique was a value.

I free motioned only in the white area as
I wanted the color values to be uncomplicated by topstitching.

Final size 9" x 20.5"

I love it so much that I'm going to make
another one in the colors of our bedroom.
And I'm strongly thinking of making this
into a mini quilt pattern for

It will take you about the time of 1 nap
(isn't that a great measurement for a SAHM?)
It's not intimidating and very rewarding!


Donna said...

I've read about Project Quilting and have been intrigued. And now with this post? I'm even more interested. Thanks so much for this post!

Jenny Rodriguez said...

You should definitely do it Donna!
I was only able to participate in one of them last year, but hope to do it every week this time.
There is great feedback and prizes too.
For me though, I just need some inspiration that comes from an outside source.

Unknown said...

Great colors and patterns
the new born

Unknown said...

This is adorable! I need to do something like this for my kiddos!

Jenni said...

How cute is that? I love the combination of colors, too! :) You did a wonderful job on it. I am always so impressed by anyone who can quilt, because it seems so difficult!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

{Beautiful Nest}


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