Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can You Top This

My best friend, The Desert Deals Diva posted about this crafty contest
I was all over it!
Basically you had to make something super cool with an Elmer's trifold.
I immediately had an idea on what my bestie should make,but I myself was a little stumped.
Sure enough my main source of inspiration,
my 2 little monkeys masquerading as my daughters,
came to the rescue.

Isabelle's 3rd birthday is in March and she already jabbers on about it nonstop.
We are going to have a "Dora & Dinos" theme at our local Dino museum.
At each birthday party I have made a themed bean bag toss game.
Don't ask me why I'm obsessed with this - I just am!

So it came to me.. Use the trifold for a fabulous sturdy bean bag target!
It is amazing! (and super easy..shhh)

Please excuse the awful pics
(it's 5 am - the only time the monkeys will let me take pictures!)
And did you see our annoying cat, Poptart, peering out of the first pic??
What a stinker!

Basically this is easiest thing you can do.
It is made of:
* 1 Elmer foam tri-fold
* 1 package of Dora wall clings (Target)
* some random stickers in my studio
* exacto knife

As I was making this I was bombarded with new ideas for this board!
You could make a single large hole and have the kiddos take pictures with Dora!
Or you could see your toddler fall backwards in awe at the biggest Birthday card ever!!

I love it, I know Isabelle will love it.
Here's the big question.. Can I keep it hidden till March?!


Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

What a great game, AND a card in one!!

Make sure that if you DO hide it until March, you don't forget about it.. that would be just like me :)

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks Becca!And thanks for hosting the awesome contest!

I'm not too afraid of forgetting it - my major downfall is overbuying gifts and forgetting about those! We had enough Christmas gifts for Isabelle that her birthday is covered too :o)

craftymamaof4 said...

very cute idea! Thanks so much for participating

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks for hosting!!

Jolon @ Savvy Chic Savings said...

Love the cat peeking through the hole. TOO cute :)

Mallery said...

My cats always steal the lime light in my photos too! Good job!


Unknown said...

My little Mariah would squeal if she saw this. Her bday is in May and I might just copy this project (hey I warned you, lol) Great job.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks! It was soo easy :o)
If I had more time I would have cut my own vinyl letters,but time isn't easily come by with 2 girls under the age of 3! ;o)


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