Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cooking Creme Challenge - Extended

Bueller, Bueller?
Come on ya'll, no one entered an entry into
my Philadelphia Cooking Creme challenge.
Alas, I will extend it until midnight tonight
in the hopes that someone will want to stump me.

Please leave a note on a type of ethnic food that you
think would be very hard incorporate
Philadelphia's new Cooking Creme into.

What is Cooking Creme?
It's like a spoonable cream cheese, but more cream than cheese.
You check out my first two videos on YouTube
(link on right)
I've made a traditional beef stroganoff and an Asian pizza.

If I'm sadly empty handed tonight,
my game plan is to attack East Indian food.
So come on..
hit me with your best shot
and let me prove to you how versatile this new product is!


Sarah (Sew Very Happy) said...

I'm curious to see you incorporate it into East Indian cuisine or Mexican.

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks Sarah :D
I was thinking Mexican too..I guess I'll just what the family is in the mood for. Though chicken vindaloo always sounds good to me!


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