Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Toddler Dress In A Nap.. I Mean Snap..

While searching for even more crafty challenges online,
I came across Project Run & Play
Very similar to Project Runway,
designers are given challenges and voted off each week.
However, they have decided to let readers submit as well.
Granted the readers are not in the running for prizes,
it is still an awesome creativity generator.

And I'm a glutton for punishment.
And Isabelle told me yesterday that I am to make
her a Valentine dress.. with hearts.
(She tried to throw in a Halloween motif as well
but luckily I was able to veto that without a tantrum)

This week we were tasked to reinterpert
I love this dress!
Now.. the sleeves were done in a way
I have never done before, so I just had to trust them..
and it's fab!
Totally do-able in an hour
(if you don't have a gassy baby waking every 10 minutes
grumble grumble grumble)

Now since this was my first time working with the dress
and I am by no means a pattern designer,
I only made a few changes.
I made it with 2 fabrics,
I added the pockets,
and the ruffle on the bottom.

The pockets are simply a 5x5 square,
each sided ironed in 1/2".
I free motion embroidered the heart
(After spending a TON of money on a machine
that will do computer generated embroidery..
I favor my own free motion..go figure!)

The ruffle was just a long stretch of 4" fabric,
folded in half and run through
the ruffler at 12:1.
Looking back I wish I had serged the top of the ribbon
before sewing to the hem..
I did it after, and the serger caught a small
bit of the dress.
Not super noticeable, but it annoys me that I
could have *easily* avoided that..

Hope you like it!
Hope Isa likes it..
I will get pics of her in it after her nap..

**And not to be outdone by her big Sis,
I'll make a itty bitty one for Jules this weekend**


La Gitana Que Viaja said...

So cute! Can't wait to see her in it!

Kathy said...

Super cute. Waiting to see it on her. =D

amerloo said...

Very cute :) Love the little ruffle at the bottom!


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