Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facebook much?

Your blog needs a Facebook page.
Yes, it does.

I fought it for a long time.
It was only a few weeks ago that I created mine.
I didn't know why I should have one, I have my blog.

Here is why

1. I love your blog, but I love hundreds of blogs.
Quite frankly if you don't have a blog right now it is as bad as if you
didn't have a website about decade ago.
I have hundreds of blogs that I love.
Quilting, crafting, cooking, photography, family, and friends.
With 2 small kids, I don't have time to check each and everyone.
I just don't.

You want to know which ones I read?
I read the ones that have a Facebook page and they have posted that they have a new post.
I know it sounds redundant,
but on Facebook I can see what they blogged about and am more likely to visit.
I don't have to scroll through my reader to see if you blogged or not.
You saved me time, you enticed me with your Facebook blurb,
I'm a more loyal blog follower.

2. I love your link party and/or challenge but it's not on my calender.
I have 2 challenges I take the time to make a note about on my calender.
My own challenge and Iron Craft.
Because they are weekly and they fall on the same date.
I want to do your link party.
I want to enter your challenge.
Remind me when they are!
If you Facebook about it, leave last minutes notes about it,
advertise it.. I will do it!!

3. Which blog are you again??
As I mentioned, in my opinion you need a blog.
However they can start to look all the same.
Many people post the same links these days.
I want to get to know you.
I want to more than just the fabulous DIY tutorial you just found.
With a Facebook page I can get to know you better.
You don't have to post pictures of your kids if you don't want to.
You don't have to post when you're going on vacation.
Just let me get to know what makes you, you.
I am more likely to visit your blog. go make your Facebook page!


Gingham Skies said...

I didn't realize (until I read your post) that I have been visiting blogs that post links of FB waaaay more often than I would otherwise.

You made such a great point that I have created a Page: now the question is will I keep it up and will it motivate me to post on my blog more often? Hopefully.

Kelly said...

I "like" you.

Excellent point about reading the ones that post to my feed more often! No truer words have been spoken today!

Jenny Rodriguez said...

Thanks all!
I hope you went and made a Facebook page!

If you did.. let me know and I'll "like" it ;o)


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