Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Results for WoW #13 and tutorial - Details for #14..

I love Easter candy.
I love Peeps.
For this challenge I decided to show my love
for the marshmallow goodness.

I didn't set out to go the route of kitsch,
but I ended there.
And really, I think it is appropriate for the neon sugar candy!

What do you need?
*2 packages of Peeps (you could probably use one,but um..some were eaten..)
*a heart foam wreath form (! buy 2, I have a fab-u-lous
Mom's Day wreath in the works.. and you'll need one!)
*a yard or so off BRIGHT tulle
*spray varnish (you don't really need this..but I did)
*hot glue

1.) Wrap your heart form with ribbon.
It doesn't need to be perfect at all, it's just to cover the majority of the foam.

^ See - not perfect all ...don't worry!

2.) Hot glue peeps on to form.
Keep in mind - it's HOT and you're working with marshmallows.
Yup.. I got burned a few times.
Feel free to use a different type of adhesive that is not hot..
Here is the back of the wreath when I was done.
I added another string of glue on the back between the Peeps and form.

That was going to be it.. but it looked really sad and bare.
I tried to glue some brown moss around them,
but that was way too natural for the Peeps.

It was like Rhett Butler in "Gone With the Wind" when he makes
Scarlett wear the garish red dress to Ashley's birthday party.
I had to go bright, I had to go loud.
I went with hot pink tulle

So on to step 3.)
Cut large hunks of pink tulle and hot glue behind the Peeps.

Easter kitsch wreath at its best..
Now even the UPS guy knows my love for this gooey goodness...

**What about the varnish?
I sprayed the Peeps with it, but it didn't make them hard.
It just stunk really bad..
After one night outside on your door, they will be hard and perfect!

Be sure to check it out for a more classic look.
I love the tulle and glitter!

Craft Challenge #14
If I'm itching for spring, I'm not sure what my toddler is!
I can't wait for summer picnics.
Soo... the theme this week is - "BUGS"
Ants, butterflies, caterpillars..

Want to join in on the WoW fun?
Add your link below with my *new* linky tool
Having trouble? Let me know!
You have till midnight of next Tuesday


Shabby Soul said...

Why do I love this wreath so? I love pink, I love tulle, I love hearts, I love kitsch, and I LOVE Peeps!! Cute idea!

Kathy said...

Love it!

Tabitha said...

Peeps + Tulle = Cuteness beyond belief!!! I love this so much!

Rachel said...

I like it, what a fun wreath!

Jessa said...

Oh my goodness how cute!

Kathleen said...

For the Bug challenge I made an Easter Basket decorated with a Butterfly...

Chinnu said...

OMG....this is so cute!!

Am at your blog so often and a huge fan of your crafts, so i take the liberty to make a suggestion- The blog template makes it really hard to read the text...could you re-consider the template??
Hope you don't mind. Cheers!!


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