Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Iron Craft #16 - Pinch Your Pennies!

This week on Iron Craft, the challenge was the theme of money. Well considering the economy and the resurgence in using coupons, I decided to sew a coupon organizer. I will be writing a review for this pattern on Sunday, so come back if you want to hear the nitty gritty! For now you get some pictures - being thrifty can be pretty darn pretty..

Want to learn more about coupons and deals? My Bestie is the Desert Deals Diva! She writes about both national and local deals in Tucson, AZ. I bet you'll start saving some money with her advice.


kat said...

so handy & beautifully sewn

Kathy said...

Makes me wish I knew how to quilt. Super cute! =D


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