Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Iron Craft #17 - Weddings

This week on Iron Craft, we were tasked with the theme of "weddings". Since our 6th anniversary had just passed, that was fresh in my mind. And then I was thinking of how I have multiple wreaths for just about every occasion under the sun, except for our anniversary.

I decided to make a wedding/anniversary door wreath. This would be great to hang at reception or for us during the month of our anniversary.

I was completely inspired by this Etsy item here. Isn't that super cute? And I had all the materials to make something similar.

Here is my interpretation...

It's just a piece of thin wood, vinyl letters, a nest, plastic eggs, and some little birds (which are way out of proportion to the eggs..but I'm hoping the distance helps reduce that..)

I absolutely love it! Right now I have it on our bedroom door. Yup, I hang wreaths from just about every door in the house.. It's an addiction. And I'll have another one to show you tomorrow..

**And please don't misinterpret the third egg in the nest. We have 2 kiddlets. No baby on the way, no bun in the oven - simply there for design purposes only! After my eldest locked me out of the house for 30 minutes in the rain on Monday.. I can just about guarantee that we are done**

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kat said...

It's very sweet & I'm laughing about your last comment

val said...

stopping by from IC, I just loved this idea! I didn't even notice that the birds and eggs weren't the same size....very sweet.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable idea!! I am in love with all things birds so this is a keeper in my book!!

bendedspoon said...

lovely! I love the nest and the birds are cuties :)


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